About Us

Our Story and Mission

Let me take a moment to tell you a little bit about why Style Bub exists. A few years ago, I owned a successful business that I had been running for 26 years. I had already raised two beautiful children who were now beautiful young adults. The prospect that one day these amazing children would give me amazing grandchildren struck something deep inside me, and Style Bub was born.

I had always been interested in high-quality babywear and toddler fashion. I dreamed of a world where Mums and Hubs could purchase trendy clothes for their Bubs without worrying about allergens, chemicals, and the woes of mass-produced baby gear. This is what led me to sell my business and harness my time and energy into bringing the dream to life.

At Style Bub, you’ll find styles that are trendy, clothing that’s organic, and accessories that are handmade with love.
They say it takes a village to raise a child, and our village does what it can to clothe them in environmentally friendly gear that will help them look their best while protecting the planet. We’re a family run company based in Queensland, and our family never sacrifice personalized service, clothing quality, or business integrity for as long as we operate.

Family is the backbone that holds us together. Fashion just makes us look good while doing it.

Happy fashion hunting, from our family to yours.