When It Comes To Girls Fashion, Sequins Are In

Baby Clothes Trends - When It Comes To Girls Fashion, Sequins Are In

Sequins are flashy, sparkly, and can make anyone glitter from head to toe. Though you’ll find them in clothing everywhere from the red carpet to the teenage closet, sequins are now making a name in toddler and baby clothes trends.

Sequins On The Stars

You may or may not remember when Coco and Ice-T dressed baby Chanel in sequins and feathers for a cute-as-it-gets photo shoot a few years ago. This created quite the buzz in baby style, and it’s continued to be a staple in the glittery world of little girls everywhere.

Though sequins are great fun for grownups to wear to events, dances, and big nights out, there’s no reason why they can’t be seen on bubs everywhere when it comes to a special occasion.

Sequins Look Great On Kids

Baby clothes trends can be fun and flashy. Little ones can get away with styles and colours that might not be acceptable on an adult in the real world. Though Mum could wear a sequins mermaid skirt while shopping, it’s likely going to look much cuter on her toddler. But don’t fret, Mum. Sequins on the big girls is better in snippets, such as a sequins skirt with a plain white blouse, or denim jeans with a pair of sequins ankle-boots.

Have Fun With Baby Clothes

Kids have a way of making clothing fun again. Do Mums buy clothing that they think would look cute as anything on bub? Yes. Do they buy tiny versions of clothes that they would love to be able to get away with wearing themselves? Sometimes, yes. Dressing your baby or toddler is super-fun. It’s Mum’s right (and Dad’s, too) to fall in love with a tiny tulle skirt and buy it on the spot for the next tea party that their toddler hosts. And that zebra print onesie with matching headband? Cuteness overload.

Help Kids Explore As They Grow

The clothing that you choose for your bub now can help them explore who they are and who they want to be as they grow. A flashy pair of sequin bloomers make a divine nappy cover for special events, and it shows how much fun dressing up can be. Whether your baby decides to stick with a sparkly style, or create one that’s entirely different, choosing clothing that’s both functional and fun can help them appreciate fashion trends for a lifetime.