This Is How Baby Rattles Build Your Child’s Brain

This Is How Baby Rattles Build Your Child’s Brain

If you know a Mum who’s expecting, you’re likely wondering what to buy for the baby once it arrives. Though it might seem old fashioned, baby rattles are an excellent idea.

They’re often the very first toy that will capture a baby’s attention through sound, sight, and touch. They can be brightly coloured or black and white; they might be shaped like an animal or shaped like a flower; they can be made of hard plastic or covered in crochet, but no matter what a baby rattle looks like, it’s sure to capture baby’s heart at first sight-and-sound.

Baby Rattles Aid In Brain Development

Anyone who buys baby shower gifts online will discover that nearly every baby-themed site offers a variety of baby rattles. Having been around for about 2500 years, baby rattles are classic toys. They have the ability to entertain and engage a baby, but there’s more to this tiny noisemaker than meets the eye. They also have the power to aid in their cognitive development in the following ways.

Hand-Eye Coordination – This skill development will lead to a baby’s ability to look at an object, grab it, hold it, and use it. As this skill develops, it will be used for greater tasks. They’ll use it to help them put on clothing when they’re toddlers, hold a pencil and write when they reach secondary school, and drive a car when they become teenagers. Who knew a simple toy could lead to so much?

Sensorimotor Skills – This is basically a fancy way to talk about cause and effect. The body takes in sensory information through sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. This information then goes to the brain where it is organized and processed. A baby rattle is one of the first things to teach a baby that a specific action can produce a specific effect. When a baby holds a rattle and shakes it, they learn to understand that shaking this object produces a sound.

Perception – The five senses help a baby understand everything that happens in their world. A rattle uses sight, touch, and sound to help them experience and perceive what is happening around them. The more you engage in mutual play with the baby and the rattle, the more you help baby develop this important skill.

When shopping for baby shower gifts online, include a rattle or two with your purchase. Baby’s brain will thank you.