These Tips Make Organising Your Kids Closet A Sinch

These Tips Make Organising Your Kids Closet A Sinch

There’s a reason why closets have doors. They give you the ability to shut out the mess and forget about it. If your kid’s closet is anything like your own, you can certainly understand why you’re having trouble finding the cute skirt you wanted your daughter to wear to kindy today.

It can be very difficult to organise a closet that is chock-a-block full of cool baby fashion clothes and the most awesome toys ever, but there are simple ways to tame the mess. Take these 4 steps to get your little one’s closet into shape.

Step One: Empty it out. Take everything inside the closet out. Completely. A clean slate is the only way to get this job done right. Find a place to put everything that will keep it out of your way. Putting in in a spare room or your own bedroom will give you the space you need to get to work. If your child is old enough, they can help you move clothes and toys to the designated rest area.

Step Two: Clean it up. Once the closet is empty, you can see the mess that is left behind. From sticky fingerprints on the closet doors to dirt ground into the carpet. Take a few minutes to wipe down shelving, vacuum or scrub the flooring, repair holes, and remove scuff marks on the interior walls.

Step Three: Sort it out. Head to the designated rest area and go through all of the clothing. Designate one pile to keep, one pile to put away until the next season (or the next growth spurt), and one pile of outgrown or seldom-worn clothes to donate. Only the cool baby fashion that gets worn regularly should be put back in the closet.

Step Four: Hang it up. This is the time to install a closet organisation system. Kids might not be able to pick their own clothes now, but it won’t be long before they can. When refilling the closet, hang dresses and tops lower so that kids can reach them easily. Fold bottoms and pajamas and place on open shelves so kids can see them easily.

After all of the clothes are back in the closet, remember to corral the toys into storage bins and put games back on the shelves to keep everything organised and in its place.