The Top Kids Fashion Trends for Spring And Summer 2019

The Top Kids Fashion Trends for Spring And Summer 2019

Kids fashion trends comes with its own seasonal trends like all other facets of fashion! It’s time to prep for spring/summer 2019, and get your little trendsetter ready for a cheery and fashion forward season. In fashion for babies this year, it’s all about classic looks and paying close attention to the details. Some of the top trends for spring/summer 2019 we’re really loving are:

• Natural and organic fabrics – The benefits of organic kids fashion trends are numerous, and they’re being realized further each and every day. On top of these practical benefits, there is just a carefree and timeless look associated with natural and organic fabrics that works so beautifully with the feel of the spring or summer.

• Light and airy colour palettes – In terms of colour in fashion for babies in spring/summer 2019, things are getting light and airy for both boys and girls. Pastels, muted jewel tones that give off an ethereal feel, and airy earth tones are taking over from the brighter tones of the past. These shades go beautifully on natural and organic fabrics, making them a natural win for baby fashion this year.

• Ruffles – When it comes to silhouettes, ruffles are all the rage this spring and summer season. Ruffled sleeves, ruffled skirts, and ruffled pants are taking over to really fit in with the overall airy and fresh look that seems to be dominating the fashion for babies scene this year.

• Embroidery – The embroidery trend in fashion for babies seems to go right along with the attention to detail that has become all the rage in recent years. Embroidery is being spotted as the detail of choice on boy and girl baby fashions, and it’s a very easy way to achieve a more refined look that lasts even for bubs who like to get rough and dirty.

• Sporty looks – Sweat suits and baby athleisure wear is an adorable new addition to baby fashion trends for spring and summer 2019. This mirrors the athleisure trend for grown-ups, but in a micro way that is comfortable and stylish for baby. These sporty looks are being seen in baby boy and girl fashions, making cute matching ensembles really simple for families with multiples!

With these simple picks, it’s easy to keep baby in with the latest trends all throughout the spring and summer seasons of 2019!