The Perfect Hug For Little Bubs

The Perfect Hug For Little Bubs

As precious as gold, parents all over Australia are looking for just a few more minutes of sleep. While some little bubs may go right out and sleep peacefully through the night, others find themselves waking every couple of hours and waking their parents up right with them. Through the fog of exhaustion, parents everywhere search for a solution that can help their entire family get the quality restful sleep they’re all looking for.


The solution comes in the form of something that adults have been raving over for the last couple of years. Weighted blankets hit the scene with plenty of fanfare, even being named one of the top inventions of 2018. A favourite of grown-ups, these blankets come in varying weights and use pressure therapy to mimic the feeling of a gentle hug. When placed on the body, a weighted blanket triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to slow the body down; a calming sensation that is perfect for drifting off into the most peaceful of slumbers.


Until now, weighted blankets have been for the grown-ups and older kids only. Sizes are too large and they are too heavy for delicate little ones. One day, however, a family from the USA was at their wit’s end with lack of sleep, and from this experience they created the Dreamland Wearable Weighted Blanket. A weighted blanket made just for little bubs, and with two sizes to suit different needs, this product became their personal sleep-saver after their little one of six months age couldn’t seem to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time.


The story starts with a mom and dad in the USA who were waking up in shifts every hour and a half with their six month old son. One evening, while on the sofa, Mom placed a heavy throw blanket on the little one in an effort to help him get back to sleep. What she discovered was that while with the heavy throw blanket, her son slept for a full 12 hours for the first time, allowing the whole family to get the sleep they desperately needed.


We are the only Australian retailer selling the Dreamland Wearable Weighted Blanket, which uses the same pressure therapy technology as standard weighted blankets, but with the safety and needs of a little one in mind. We stock the blanket in two sizes a small size (0-6mths) with swaddle wings, and a medium size (6-12mths), and it’s created using 100% breathable natural cotton. The sleep sack style features an easy zipper for simple diaper changes, and remains comfortable all throughout the year.