Swaddling your Baby safely

Swaddling your Baby safely.

We have listed below how to property swaddle your Baby to avoid potential health and life threatening situations, including the benefits of the embe swaddle which is imported from the USA:

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advocates against loose blankets in a baby’s cradle or cot.  As the risk of suffocation and SIDS is enhanced.
  • Therefore we suggest your muslin and cotton swaddles are essential items for a new bub. but rather than using them in your cradle, cot or bassinet, they could be a perfect throw for your pram or modesty cloth for feeding.
  • The Embe Legs-in-Legs-out patented design is unique and wonderful for your cot or cradle, as they fit snuggly and avoid Baby’s ability to houdini out and break free as they could potentially from a muslin or cloth swaddle.
  • Wearable swaddles, like the Embe Swaddle for 0-3 months are a safer option for swaddling as with fasteners, zippers, and a structured neckline collar this will help keep the fabric in place and from rising above a baby’s neckline or unraveling and causing a suffocation hazard.
  • It is very important to allow Baby’s legs an hips to have the freedom to spread apart as they were bent up in the fetal position in their Mother’s womb, sudden straightening of their legs can loosen their delicate joints.
  • When swaddling always wrap firmly around babies arms, not around hips or legs to allow for this free movement mentioned above.
  • Swaddles recognized as “Hip Healthy” are your best option and will assist in avoiding developmental hip dysplasia.
  • embé swaddles are mentioned in the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, refer to this link: http://bit.ly/1GY7cTT
  • Another very important factor with swaddling is wrap baby according to the weather or room temperature.  Ensure your baby is dressed accordingly as their core temperature has the potential to rise when swaddling.  This overheating can cause hypertermia and overheating is linked to SIDS.
  • With overheating the signs range from dampness around babies collar and head area, rapid breathing and their face is redder than normal.
  • Embé swaddles are designed with the legs-in legs-out feature to overcome the potential challenge of overheating and as an added bonus you can easily change Bubs nappy without waking him up.
  • Embé swaddles are must have item for any new baby in your life, they are a great gift idea and make it easier for new parents to avoid common health and safety risks involved with swaddling.
  • We recommend you watch this video below to see how easy it is, to safely swaddle your baby with the embe swaddle, patented legs-in-legs-out design.