Styling And Swaddling Made Easy

Styling And Swaddling Made Easy

Swaddling is important for comforting baby, but parents can run into all sorts of little inconveniences when it comes to swaddling their little bub. A situation that is foreign to no parent – you have your little bub nicely swaddled, cosy, and comfortable, and then you get all the telltale signs that it’s time for a nappy change. What else can you do but un-swaddle, take away that comfort, change your little one, and then re-swaddle again? Well now there’s another option for parents, and that’s with the Embe 2 Way Swaddle.


The Embe 2 Way Swaddle has a patented legs in and legs out design, so it’s never been easier for little bubs to be warmed up, cooled down, and changed when they need it. This swaddle can be used with the legs tucked in or the legs kept out, keeping baby warm or cool as they need. In addition to this, the legs in or out technology also makes those nappy changes easier than ever, as you won’t need to completely un-swaddle your little one in order to give them a fresh and clean nappy change.


The Embe 2 Way Swaddle features a “no break-out” zipper design, which allows the swaddle to create womb-like comfort for baby. With this comfort, the Embe 2 Way Swaddle promotes longer and healthier sleep, which also lends longer and healthier sleep to parents as well! For safe and stress-free swaddling, the product has also implemented a no rise neckline for SIDS safety, and all products are designed to be hip-safe by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


The Embe 2 Way Swaddle can be found in 2 designs – the Starter Swaddle and the Transitional Swaddle. The Starter Swaddle is perfect for newborns and tiny little ones, while the Transitional Swaddle is the perfect fit for when your little bubs get a little bit older. The Starter Swaddle is suitable for ages 0 to 3 months, while the Transitional Swaddle is perfect for little ones aged 3 to 6 months.


This product didn’t skip on design or style, and matching headbands are available to complete and adorable cosy comfy look. In grey stripes or pink cluster flowers designs, there’s a perfect swaddle for little girls or little boys with their own unique looks. The Embe 2 Way Swaddle is made from 100% cotton jersey, and it’s machine wash and dry friendly.