A Sleep Sanctuary For Bub That Inspires Slumber

baby gifts ideas - A Sleep Sanctuary For Bub That Inspires Slumber

Babies sleep quite a bit. At least, you hope that’s what they do and with the right baby gifts ideas you can help mom and bub achieve this.

If your baby is sleeping soundly, it means that you and the rest of the family can sleep soundly, too. If your baby is awake and uncomfortable all night, it means that you’ll feel knackered the whole day through. The best thing you can do for everyone in the house is to help bub achieve the best night of sleep they can get. It all begins by creating the perfect sleep sanctuary for them to lie their little head.

Temperature. You can’t sleep when the room is too hot, and neither can your baby. The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 21 and 23 degrees C. Keeping the room cooler will prevent baby from waking frequently in an uncomfortable mess. You don’t want to cover bub in blankets, either. The best way to keep her cosy at night is to use a swaddle or a baby sleeping bag for cool comfort. Plus, these are easy baby gifts ideas to pass along to family and friends.

Light. Some say that blocking out all light will help bub sleep better, which is true. Others say that a dim light will help baby adjust to their surroundings when they wake in the night. Also true. The best way to deal with light is to keep the nursery as dark as possible, but provide a slight and subtle light. A very dim glow will help a baby feel comfortable with the environment without being too bright.

Sound. Keep the outside noise to a minimum, but don’t use complete silence to lull baby to sleep. He’s been in your noisy womb for nine months, so he’s used to sounds all around. A white noise machine is ace at drowning out annoying sounds like traffic sirens and trucks, while providing peaceful sounds that soothe the senses. When it comes to baby gifts ideas, this one is easy to add to the registry.

Colours. You might love the thought of a cheery, bright yellow nursery, but that stimulation could keep bub awake at night. Brightly-coloured and engaging pictures and tapestries can stimulate their brain when they should be drifting off. Keep the colourful baby board books tucked away until morning. Stick to warm or cool tones on the walls and soothing scenes in the wall-art scheme.