Making The Nursery An Environmentally Friendly Zone

Bright Baby Room With White Furniture, Grey Carpet On The Floor

Nothing is quite as exciting as creating your baby’s nursery. It’s the one room where you invest your time, effort, and love into creating a space full of comfort and safety. There are hundreds of designs and styles you can choose from to create the perfect space, but not all are environmentally friendly. If you’re the parent who prefers organic clothing for babies, you’ll love these eco-inspiration suggestions for the nursery.

The Colouring

No matter what shade you decide to cover your nursery walls with, be aware that your paint could be toxic. According to Good Environmental Choice Australia Ltd, some paint contains and emits dangerous volatile compounds (VOCs) that can cause headaches, respiratory problems, worsen asthma, and even cause convulsions. Whether you want a cool blue or a sunny yellow, choose a brand that has low-VOC or no-VOC.

The Flooring

A soft carpet might soothe your bare feet in the middle of a cold winter night, but carpeting can trap dust mites, mould, and other allergens. Forget the carpet and go with hardwood flooring in the nursery that comes from sustainably managed forests. Finish the floor with a natural sealant. If you must have the cosy feel of fabric underfoot, consider an eco-friendly rug made from wool, organic fibers, or hemp.

The Furniture

The nursery furniture is often the star of the show, so enjoy some natural beauty. Timber cots and other furniture looks classy and is long-lasting. A chest of drawers can last well into your baby’s teen years. Shop eco-smart and look for furniture with the green tick of approval from The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Australian Forestry Standard (AFC).

The Clothing

If you’re going to have an eco-friendly nursery, fill it with eco-friendly clothing. Organic clothing for babies contains zero pesticides or synthetics. Special farming and manufacturing methods make it safer for the environment. Organic clothing for babies is gentle on the skin; it doesn’t cause rashes or irritation that clothing with synthetic fibres can cause. From classic denim shirts in high-quality and enviro-friendly Tencel, to smock tops in un-dyed canvas, there are plenty of natural options to choose from.

For as much time as you and your baby will spend in the nursery, be sure it’s a safe and healthy place to be. The choices you make today can create a better world for everyone tomorrow.