Let Nature Inspire Your Nursery Room

Let Nature Inspire Your Nursery Room

When it comes to baby fashion trends, nothing is quite as trendy as a nature-themed nursery. Nature has a cool and comforting feel with a warmth that radiates from the colours and textures you choose. A nature-themed nursery is perfect for the Mum and Dad who don’t know their baby’s gender, for it’s a design that works for boys and girls alike.

A woodland theme begins with the typical woodland creatures found in just about any Disney movie, including:

• Skunks
• Deer
• Squirrels
• Owls
• Rabbits
• Birds

You can certainly incorporate bears if you like, but keep in mind that you want to promote a sense of peace and serenity. Put whimsical woodland creatures anywhere; shop for them on mobiles and bedding, add a few shadowed decals to the walls, and don’t forget the stuffed versions for snuggling.

Now, choose a backdrop for these creatures to complete your favourite nature theme.

Deep Into The Woods – It might be darker in the deep woods, but the right colouring makes it cosy. Use a lush green carpet that looks like the forest floor. Paint one accent wall a dark brown colour to mimic tree bark. Incorporate leafy greens and deep yellows for highlights. Rich wooden furniture in brown tones complete the effect.

Nighttime Nature – Animals such as skunks and owls are active at night. Deer are active at twilight time. Put them all together in a nighttime room that makes use of deep-blue-to-black colouring on an accent wall adorned with white birch decals. Use a neutral beige carpet. And keep all accents and furniture bright white as if bathed in the moonlight.

Springtime Wonderland – Nothing says nature quite like springtime. The sun shines brighter, the grasses grow greener, and the clouds pass by in all their puffy glory. Use sky blue on the walls, stark white on the ceiling, and leafy green accents everywhere else. White furniture makes a room light and airy, but a single green accent chair can make the room pop.

Neutral Paradise – Nature is rich in neutral colors, from the slate grey of stones to the brown hues of tree bark and branches. Using the natural elements of the outdoors creates a room that goes along with the baby fashion trends of being gender neutral. Creamy walls, beige carpeting, wicker accents, and natural wooden furniture can grow with the child.