What You Need To Know About Children And Pets

cool baby fashion - What You Need To Know About Children And Pets

There is a lot of information out there regarding babies and pets. Overall, the general consensus is that the right pet can be beneficial in homes with children.

Benefits In Child Development

Pets have the ability to impact a child’s in development. Not only do they learn about responsibility and taking care of others at an early age, they can tap into their empathy and understanding before they even head off to kindy. Pets can provide companionship and support, which can lead to better self-esteem and social skills as they grow.
Benefits In Health

A Swedish study found that children who were raised in a home with multiple pets were less likely to develop asthma, eczema, and hay fever. It is not clear how animals can offer allergy protection to youngsters, but some theories suggest it could have to do with the microbes that get trapped in a pet’s fur. Exposure to these microbes can lead to a healthier immune system in little ones.

Follow These Tips To Keep Kids Safe

If you have pets in your home, take steps to ensure the safety of the children. Parents should never leave a baby or toddler alone and unsupervised with a pet. Little ones can be rough with an animal, leading it to lash out with a nip or a scratch. Keep animals away from sleeping babies; never leave them in an uncovered bassinet or cot.

Children should be taught about animal safety from an early age. Some important things to teach them include:

• Never approach an animal that is sleeping, feeding, or frightened.
• Always use a gentle touch when handling an animal.
• Never let an animal lick their face.
• Always wash hands before eating and after playing with pets.
• Never let a pet share their food.
• Always ask the owner before petting a dog or other animal.

Cool Baby Fashion Brings Animals To Your Home

Whether your home is chock-a-block with pets, or you don’t plan on having any for now, you can still take advantage of the cool baby fashion that includes fun animal themes. From leopard prints to zebra stripes, your bub will look cool as a kitty. Fox swaddles, owl and mouse booties, and penguin print aprons will keep your house full of animal love without the shedding. When fashion mixes with adorable animals, the results are high on sweetness.