Exploring The Use Of Baby Sleeping Bags

Exploring The Use Of Baby Sleeping Bags

One of the biggest baby gear trends to come in recent years has been the baby sleeping bag. Sometimes known as a sleep sack, these bags have become very popular amongst new parents.

What They Do

Baby sleeping bags were originally designed to keep baby frown wriggling down under the blankets and covering their heads while they sleep. They keep baby’s face uncovered so they can breathe freely through the night. This can eliminate the chance of suffocation and reduce the risk of SIDS. Sleeping bags can also help keep baby covered up all night. When there are no blankets to kick off, baby is less likely to wake up from being cold. And without too many blankets, baby is less likely to overheat

Numbers And Sizes

It’s wise to invest in at least two sleeping bags for your baby. This ensures that you’ll have one at the ready while the other is being washed and dried. When it comes to choosing a size, don’t worry about what will fit later on. Pick the bag that fits the best right now to ensure that baby does not slip into the bag.

What Are Togs?

A tog rating indicates how warm the bag is. The higher the tog, the warmer the bag. Choose bags based on the climate and temperature in baby’s room. Use this as a standard guide:

• 24° C or more – 0.5 tog
• 21° – 23° C – 1 tog
• 18° – 20° C – 2.5 tog
• 16° – 17° C – 2.5 tog plus one blanket

Safety Tips To Remember

• When using a baby sleeping bag, don’t cover baby with a quilt or a duvet. This can put baby at risk of overheating.
• Be sure you choose the correct size sleeping bag to prevent them from slipping down into the bag as they sleep.
• Though some sleeping bags have hoods attached, these are not recommended for nighttime slumber.

Biggest Safety Benefits

• They reduce the risk of covering up baby’s face while they sleep.
• They keep baby sleeping on their back by preventing roll over onto tummy.
• They keep baby from overheating during sleep.

Placing baby in their sleeping bag each night can create a positive sleep association with strong sleep cues. It’s safe and familiar, which can be beneficial when visiting family or when off on holiday. Of the many baby gear trends out there today, this is one you can really get behind.