Excessive Or Essential? What Products Your Baby Actually Needs

Excessive Or Essential? What Products Your Baby Actually Needs

Planning for the arrival of your baby can be an exciting time. There’s so much to do, so much to buy, and so much to organise. First-time parents can have a difficult task when it comes to knowing what items they must buy for baby, and what items they’ll never even open, let alone use. Baby gear trends can come and go, but there are some items that will trend forever because they’re just so useful.

Essential Items

As baby grows, different items will become necessary. For your newborn to three-month-old, these are the items to buy, or put on your baby shower registry for others to buy for you.

• Cot or bassinet.
• Stroller or pram.
• Child restraint that meets safety guidelines.
• Nappies. Lots of nappies.
• Two sets of baby bedding.
• Baby wipes. Lots of baby wipes.
• Dummies.
• Thermometer.
• Soft baby towels and washcloths.
• Baby soap and nappy rash cream.
• One-piece baby rompers. Lots of them.
• Round tipped nail scissors.

Useful Items

After a few weeks, some of these items might come in handy. Some might not. It all depends on your activity level and what you think would be useful.

• Soft hairbrush.
• Plastic backed bibs.
• Mobile over the cot.
• Cotton and muslin wraps for swaddling.
• High chair or portable chair (once baby can sit up and eat solid foods).
• Baby monitor.
• Colourful rattles and toys.
• Portable changing mat.
• Car window shade.
• Baby bouncer.

What Mum Needs

Never forget the importance of a happy and comfortable Mum.

• Breast pads.
• Breast pump and equipment for storing and feeding.
• Breastfeeding bras and tops.
• Breastfeeding support pillow.
• Nightlights. These will help guide you in the dark when you’re half asleep.
• A gliding chair or rocker for midnight feedings.
• A massage and a good night’s sleep.

Baby Gear Trends That You Don’t Really Need

You might get some of these anyway from well-meaning friends and family. But to save on cost and space, these are a few items that bub can do without.

• Stylish shoes. Your baby won’t need shoes until walking begins.
• Baby bathrobes.
• Baby wipe warmer.
• Baby cologne.
• Baby scented laundry soap (stick to those that are free and clear of fragrance).
• Baby oil and baby powder.
• Pillows for the cot.
• Special bin for nappies.
• Baby bathtub.

Don’t worry so much about things you might need. Stick with what you do need, and enjoy every precious moment.