Dressing For The Weather As The Temperatures Drop

Dressing For The Weather As The Temperatures Drop

Dressing your newborn for the weather can be tricky. As autumn heads toward winter, or when winter finally turns toward spring, the weather can be surprising. A warm day can quickly turn chilly, and a cold morning can end up to be a lovely afternoon. Fashion for babies is about more than just looking good. It’s about staying comfortable in any climate (while also looking good, of course).

Everyone Feels The Cold

Australians won’t need to worry about the heat for another season or two, so dressing bub for the autumn and winter is what Mums are looking at for at least a few months. The most important thing to remember in cooler temps is that your baby feels the same weather that you feel. If you feel cold, chances are high that your baby feels cool, too. Use this as a clothing guide.

Dress In Layers

The second most important thing to remember is that cold weather fashion for babies’ means layers. When you layer your babies clothing, it traps in the heat. Cotton clothing works very well, so begin with a light cotton romper. Then add layers as you go, such as a long sleeved top, leggings, and even a warm jacket when the weather really gets cold. Dress your baby in the same number of layers as yourself—then add one.

Other Cold Weather Dressing Tips

  • When you head outside, make sure that your baby is completely covered. When winter rears its ugly head, be sure to use mittens, hats, and heavy boots for warmth.
  • Blankets are incredibly useful in cold weather. Use them as extra layers, or use to cover the stroller when the rains come.
  • Remember that a bulky coat should be removed when placing baby in a car seat. A big coat can cause the harness to become too loose in the event of an accident. Add a blanket over the top, keep baby’s hat on, and make use of the thin layers you dressed him in.
  • Once you get baby back inside where it’s warm, remove some of the layers to keep her from overheating. Even though it’s important to keep baby warm, be sure to keep the room cool at naptime and bedtime. Babies who are too warm are at an increased risk of SIDS. The best temperature is between 20° and 22° C.

No matter what the weather, follow your Mum instincts and adjust accordingly.