Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Baby

Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Baby

Your child’s feet will take them on a life-long journey. Keeping their feet healthy and well-protected now will keep them healthy as they grow. Baby’s feet help them with balance, mobility, and sensory processing. What you put on their feet is just as important as the clothes you put on their body.

First Thing’s First

The first thing to keep in mind is that babies do not need to wear shoes until they start walking. In fact, bare feet are the best fashion for babies when it comes to footwear. As they learn to crawl, having bare feet will help their toes develop normally. Even after they start wearing shoes, they should go barefoot often to continue good growth and development. Socks can be helpful in cooler weather to keep feet warm.

Time To Choose Your Shoes

Once baby starts to walk, it’s time for shoes. Shoe fashion for babies can be cute and charming, but function is far more important than fashion to keep little feet healthy. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying shoes for bub.

Go with Velcro. Velcro fasteners make it much easier to get shoes on and off without tying and retying laces all day. It also eliminates the chance that a lace becomes untied without your knowledge and cause a fall.

Flex the soles. Soles should be made of flexible material. They should not be smooth, but have a good grip. Non-skid rubber soles with ridges will give the best traction.

Check the upper. Look for soft leather or cloth for the shoe upper. The material should be supportive, yet breathable. Stiff leather and synthetics can hinder foot development.

Get a good fit. It’s best to have your child’s foot measured when buying shoes. When baby stands up, there should be just enough room to place your pinky between the heel of the shoe and the heel itself. There should be a full thumb width between baby’s toe and the front of the shoe. Check monthly for outgrowth.

Look for problem spots. Your baby’s shoes should not need to be broken in. After they’ve been worn and walked-in for a bit, take them off and check the foot for any irritated spots.

Most children begin walking between eight and 18 months of age. If your child has not started walking by age two, speak to your pediatrician.