Capture Beautiful Baby Moments For Memories That Last

Capture Beautiful Baby Moments For Memories That Last - fashion baby clothes

You’re a Mum who knows all about fashion baby clothes. Your baby dresses in the latest and the greatest styles you can find. She was your sweetly swaddled little mermaid when she was a newborn, and she was queen of the jungle in her leopard print onesie at five months. Do you have the pictures to prove it? You bet. Although looking back, you wished you knew more about good picture taking and capturing the moment.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

Taking pictures of your bub is important. They grow up so quickly that you want to preserve what you can before they only care about selfies. The good news is, you don’t have to haul your babies to a professional studio to get great shots. All you need is your phone, which you already have on you, and a few handy tips that can preserve your memories while they’re still little enough to wear the fashion baby clothes you’ve picked out for them (hello bowtie and suspenders set).

7 Tips For Great Pics

1) Go natural. Use natural lighting whenever possible. It’s more flattering for everyone, plus it creates unique shadows and deep dimensions.

2) Be sneaky. The shots that really capture the right moments are the candid shots that are once-in-a-lifetime events.

3) Pass the bub. Let everyone have sweet moments with your little one. You never know what memories will be preserved forever. And pass your camera so that others can get pictures of you and your tiny miracle.

4) Take it outside. Whenever you leave the house, keep your phone ready to get exciting outdoor shots.
5) Get close. It’s ok to get up close and personal to get amazing shots of your baby. Be sure that you can get the details in that floral headband.

6) Think old school. Try taking the colour out of your pictures to make them black and white. It softens everything in the shot, camouflages small flaws, and looks extra chic.

7) Go pro. If you’re the one taking all of the pictures, who’s preserving the memory of you? Enlist the help of a professional photographer who can take the perfect shot of you, your baby, and anyone else you want in the memory.

Now, put those fashion baby clothes to good use and strike a pose. There’s nothing to it.