Best Baby Shower Gifts For A Mum Of One Or A Mum Or More

Best Baby Shower Gifts Online For A Mum Of One Or A Mum Or More

Babies give Mums a reason to party; even if you aren’t the one giving birth. The coming of a newborn is joyous and exciting, and there’s nothing better than a baby shower to celebrate their arrival. If you have one (or more) baby showers to attend this winter, this is the article for you. You’ll discover what most Mums truly need before you start shopping for baby shower gifts online. Whether your friend or family member is having one (or more) babies, you’re sure to find exactly what she’ll need to welcome in her new bundle of joy.

Gifts For The Nursery

• A rocking chair or gliding chair. Choose something sturdy and cosy to keep Mum comfortable during midnight feedings. As a bonus, the back-and-forth motion will help lull bub back to sleep.

• A night light. This is a gift that can keep parents’ toes from getting stubbed as they sleepily try to find their way to the crib at 3 am.

• A white noise machine. Babies need noise to sleep, but not clattering dishes or honking horns. White noise drowns out the chaos that surrounds them and keeps them in deep slumber.

Practical Gifts

• Blankets and swaddles. A Mum can never have too many of these. They come in handy for everything from covering the pram to wrapping baby up for comfort.

• Clothes in larger sizes. Newborns grow out of their tiny sizes quickly. Pick out a romper or two a few sizes up so Mum is prepared when it happens.

• Travel crib. For parents who are on-the-go, a portable crib will let them set up a sleep station for Bub no matter where they are.

Gifts For Mum

• A robe and slippers. With so many late nights in her future, Mum should be comfortable. Look for machine washable items that are nursing friendly.

• Nappy bag. Choose one that has a lot of space and pockets that are easy to access. And make it fashionable.

• Gift certificates. Whether it’s for a take-out meal, a baby store, or the supermarket, Mum will be able to purchase exactly what she needs, when she needs it.

Now that you know what to look for, grab a cuppa, sit down at the computer, and start shopping for the baby shower gifts online that will send any new Mum will appreciate.