Baby Shower Gifts That Are Both Practical And Fun

Baby Shower Gifts That Are Both Practical And Fun

Nothing is quite as exciting as a baby shower. Celebrating the arrival of a new baby boy or girl can give friends and family a fabulous opportunity to shower the Mum-to-be with gifts for her bub.

Buy Baby Shower Gifts Online

Shopping for baby shower gifts online makes it easy to grab a cuppa and get to work. The nerve-wracking part is trying to decide what to buy. Some things are practical, some are just plain fun, but the best baby shower gifts will combine both. The following list will help you accomplish your goal of pleasing both Mum and bub.

A Nappy Cake

Nappies are practical, and you can make them fun by turning them into a nappy cake. This is done by creating a large, three-tiered cake using a cluster of nappies as the tiers. The cake is then decorated with a supply of cute items such as rattles, stuffed toys, lotions, and towels. A pretty nappy cake can become the centerpiece of the gift table at the shower.

Bedding And Blankets

If you know how to knit or sew, make a baby blanket by hand that can be cherished for a lifetime. If this is not your strong suit, buy a blanket that’s monogrammed or embroidered for a personal touch. Even a good supply of cute and simple swaddles and wraps will come in handy to keep baby cosy and secure.

Baby Clothes In Bigger Sizes

Everyone buys newborn outfits, but these are outgrown quickly. Consider a set of clothes for 6 months and a set for 12 months. This gives Mum a break in buying, and something to look forward to as her baby grows.

Treats For Mum

Vouchers for takeout meals, and frozen meals that can be eaten after everyone is settled back at home, are perfect baby shower gifts. Or fill a basket with herbal teas, chocolates, and scented lotions. Mum would also appreciate a voucher for a message, a pedicure, or a professional house clean.

With an opportunity to purchase baby shower gifts online, there’s no reason why you can’t just snap up a bunch of pressies and call it a day. Have them delivered to your door, wrap them up, and the soon-to-be-Mum will be beaming with joy at all of the goodies for bubs. And thanks to our list, you’ll be beaming with pride over a job well-done.