Baby Proofing 101: Start In The Nursery

baby gifts online - Baby Proofing 101: Start In The Nursery

There’s nothing more precious than the day when bub starts crawling. With your smartphone at the ready, you’re doing your best to keep up with every place they decide to go. All babies are different when it comes to the magic moment that they become mobile, but many begin their adventures around eight months of age. Once they begin to explore your home, they’ll begin to explore everything that’s in it. This can be dangerous if you haven’t yet started the process of baby proofing. (If you’re registering for baby gifts online, put a few safety items on your list so you’ll have them when the time comes to prepare.)

The first and best place to begin baby proofing is in the room where bub will likely spend a lot of time: the nursery.

Do A Crib Inspection

• Learning to crawl means that learning to climb next. Make sure that the crib is pushed away from windows and furniture that can provide support in crawling out of the crib.
• If you’ve hung a mobile above the crib, or heavy tapestries on the near-by wall, now is the time to remove them so that they can’t be pulled down.
• Lower the mattress of the crib to make the fencing higher. This will make it more difficult for bub to be able to crawl out.
• Secure All Furniture
• Anchor tall items, such as bookshelves and chests, to avoid your child pulling it over on top of themselves.
• Secure drawers with childproof locks so they can’t be continually opened and shut.
• Though that rocking chair came in handy in the newborn days, it’s a good idea to remove it now as a crawling baby could accidentally injure fingers and toes.

Follow General Safety

• Place non-slip pads under area rugs to avoid trips.
• Avoid using floor lamps, which can easily topple over.
• Secure all electrical outlets with covers.
• Use a baby monitor to keep an ear on bub when you’re not in the room.

Shopping For Baby Gifts Online?

From the cutest tiny baby mocs you’ll ever see, to the best books for baby’s development, you can find about a million different baby gifts online. But if you’re on the hunt for something a little bit more functional, pick up an item or two to help Mum and Dad in their quest to keep the nursery as safe as can be.