The Safe And Gentle Way To Wash Baby Clothes

Baby Fashions - The Safe And Gentle Way To Wash Baby Clothes

Spit up, food spills, leaks, and rough play – parents know a thing or two about doing load after load of laundry! While those onesies and bibs are adorable, they seem less so when they begin to pile up in the laundry basket. Parents want to make sure they get all this clothing good and clean, but they also don’t want to risk all the chemicals conventional cleaners tend to leave behind. So, how do you go about cleaning baby clothes while retaining peace of mind that you’re keeping your baby fashion safe and healthy?

There are a few things parents can do to treat baby fashions the safe and gentle way. First and foremost, clothing should always be washed before baby’s first wear. In non-organic conventional clothing, fabrics are typically sprayed with some sort of chemical composition to resist outside damages from mould, bugs, or other outside influences, and this keeps clothing looking fresh and pressed regardless of how long it sits in a warehouse. These are chemicals you don’t want in contact with baby’s skin, and safe and gentle washing can ensure baby’s clothes are clean.

Next, you’ll want to absolutely take care to read the ingredients in your baby’s laundry soap. Ideally, simple few-ingredient natural soaps ensure minimal exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, but any extra-gentle cleanser meant for baby fashion should not irritate baby’s delicate skin. During the first 12 months of life, the epidermis layer of the skin is still developing, which means baby’s skin is constantly absorbing what it comes into contact with much more so than that of an adult. Make sure your cleanser isn’t leaving chemicals behind.

When it comes to drying your baby fashions, spring and summer gives you a natural disinfectant. When baby clothes are allowed to remain damp, even just a touch of dampness left over from a not quite complete dryer cycle, you’re introducing a perfect environment for bacteria and mold to thrive. During this spring and summer season, try line-drying baby fashion out in the sun for a natural way to safely dry and disinfect.

Lastly, you’ll want to wash your cloth diapers in their own load of laundry away from other clothing. Use a warm wash cycle with a gentle but effective cleanser, and then choose the “extra rinse” option to ensure all soiling, debris, and soap has been completely removed for a truly clean finish.