Baby Clothes Trends: Urban Style

There are plenty of baby clothes trends for a new Mum to choose from when dressing her baby. Blue and pink still find themselves to be important colours in baby clothing, but times have evolved past that simplicity. Babies and toddlers of all genders have choices available that can help shape them, mold them, and let them express themselves from the earliest age.

Where Urban Style Began

Urban style clothing is not a new concept. It all began in the 1980’s and early 1990’s as a way for young people to go against the grain and express themselves. It was a grungy, streetwise, and worn-out look that was connected to both hip-hop and alternative rock artists alike. Over time, mainstream fashion designers realised how hot this look was becoming. They began creating special urban clothing lines, and the rest is history.

Cool And Collected Style

Urban fashion is about being yourself, and sending a message of acceptance and love. Mums who dress their babies in an urban flair are encouraging them to be unique. Baby clothes trends in urban style are perfect for taking a step away from the princess parties and sports gear and taking a step toward cool neutrality.

Urban Style Choices

Dressing your baby in urban style doesn’t need to be difficult. A simple black sweatshirt romper is all it takes to break away from the norm. When everyone else is dressing bub in bright blues with red stripes, your little one will be cool and collected in basic black. Bonus: That’s one way to keep the stain of mashed peas from showing.

Even Mums who aren’t into dark colours can enjoy urban styling. As long as the style is loose and relaxed, like a mustard yellow romper with a pattern of sunnies, it’s letting your kid be cool and free from the norms that are so expected in the world of baby fashion.

Toddlers Know A Lot

Newborn babies might not understand so much about identity, but by the time they become toddlers, their identity is forming. They’re trying their best to exercise their independence, and they can tell you “no” to everything you ask of them. Yet they still need love and support to make them strong and confident as they continue to grow. Give them options to explore their world now through the latest baby clothes trends, and they’ll keep exploring well into adulthood.