All That’s Trending In All Things Baby

All That’s Trending In All Things Baby - baby gear trends

As the mid-point of 2019 approaches like a speeding freight train, it’s never too late to jump on the hot-baby-trend bandwagon. Things change so often in the game of parenting, no one will know that you’re sporting baby gear trends from two weeks ago or two months ago. The important thing is to try out some of the items that are cool, hot, and neutral all at the same time.

Latest Baby Gear Trends

Trending: The Natural Nursery

It’s all about nature in the nursery. From jungle greens to serene woodsy scenes, natural elements are all the rage. Natural fibers like rattan can add warmth to the nursery, while artwork that features everything from the desert to the outback complete the look. Whether you think rustic scenes or floral greens, it’s the way to modernise your world. Caution: If you choose to add houseplants, be sure that you choose non-toxic varieties and keep them well out of baby’s reach.

Trending: Gender Neutrality

When gender reveal parties are so now, it’s hard to believe that gender neutrality is such a trend. However, though many people want to know the gender of their baby, it doesn’t mean they plan to bathe in blue or parade in pink. Parents are designing spaces that grow with the baby, steering clear of bright colours and pastels and replacing them with muted and sophisticated tones like grey. The same can be seen in clothing as unisex rompers and bodysuits can be worn by anyone.

Trending: Natural Toys And Clothes

Organic clothing is just one of the baby gear trends that’s here to stay. If it’s eco-friendly, it’s what parents everywhere should be buying. Clothing and swaddles made from natural fibers like muslin and linen are breathable and better for sensitive skin. Toys and rattles made with natural wood continue to gain in popularity. Say goodbye to synthetics and plastics and say hello to all things sustainable.

Trending: Minimalist Mums

It’s been coming on in home décor for a while now, and it’s finally reached the nest. Certain groups of parents have embraced the trend that technology guru Steve Jobs introduced decades ago: minimalism. Parents who have minimal space are requesting fewer gifts and looking ahead to savings plans that can be put toward reaching meaningful goals. Overconsumption is reduced and mindful spending takes its place. When it comes to baby gear trends, less really has become more.