5 Unique Baby Shower Ideas For Your Big Celebration

5 Unique Baby Shower Ideas For Your Big Celebration

While guests are looking for baby gifts ideas, it’s those planning the celebration that’ll be researching the latest and greatest in unique baby shower theme ideas. A baby shower is a time for joy, celebration, and merriment, and you’ll want to set the perfect atmosphere for just that to occur! We have some truly unique baby shower ideas to inspire your unforgettable theme, and 5 of these are:

1. Springtime breakfast – Baby showers are usually held around lunchtime or in the early evening, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep with this trend. Set yourself apart and do something really unique, just like all those unique baby gifts ideas your guests will be thinking up. A springtime breakfast baby shower is held outdoors picnic-style, and starts early on in the day with all the breakfast favourites on display. Donuts, muffins, coffee, tea, juices, and maybe even a bacon and egg bar will delight guests while they cheers to your little one.

2. Welcome to the World – A Welcome to the World baby shower will welcome little one into a lifetime of travel and adventure! Like the springtime breakfast theme idea, this is perfectly gender neutral and gives you plenty of room to come up with creative décor and entertainment ideas. To feed your guests, try incorporating foods from all your favourite countries or global regions.

3. Retro News – Newspapers drawn up to announce the new arrival, typeface invitations, and a black and parchment colour scheme, a retro news baby shower is sure to turn heads. Welcoming in a new little one is the biggest news one can share, so why not incorporate it into your big baby shower theme?

4. About to Pop – For those having later baby showers close to their due dates, an About to Pop theme is a cheeky way to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival. Incorporate balloons, popcorn, bubbly beverages, cake pops, and all things “poppy” for a fun way to get the celebration going.

5. Bun in the Oven – The Bun in the Oven theme is all about baking, as it celebrates the sweetness of new life while incorporating the sweetness of fresh baked goods. Rather than serving traditional foods, serve baked goodies instead and feature baking-centric décor. Favours can be pastries and treats, and baking utensils make excellent baby shower game prizes. While the Bun in the Oven theme works particularly well for baby girls, it can be inspired gender neutral just as easily.