5 Reasons Why Having A Winter Baby Is Cool

5 Reasons Why Having A Winter Baby Is Cool

Everyone thinks about babies being born when the first rays of sun pierce the springtime air. After all, spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. Summer babies are often seen wearing tiny swimmers and splashing in puddles of water as their first foray into the season. And babies born in the autumn get to wear on trend baby clothes like light sweaters and little pants that keep their baby legs warm.

But what about babies who are born in the winter? Some people feel sorry for winter babies, coming into the world when the sun sets early and darkness lasts longer than daylight. Poor Mums who must deal with keeping babies warm in the cold. But little does anyone know: Having a winter baby is actually the best. Here are 5 reasons why.

1) Winter babies are happier babies. A study done in 2014 shows that people who are born in the summer have more mood swings. People born in the winter months are less irritable. And who doesn’t want a happier baby?

2) Mum can eat all she wants. Pregnant women and nursing women need extra calories, and winter is full of the calorie laden comfort foods that everyone loves, but feels guilty about eating. Having a winter baby gives you a free pass to indulge.

3) You can hide swollen feet. Anyone who has ever been pregnant in the summer knows that their shoes no longer fit once the heat and humidity hit. It’s not unheard of to need a few new pairs in larger sizes to get through the rest of the pregnancy. In the winter, even if feet do swell, they’ll have extra room in those Uggs.

4) Walking is better without the sweat. Mum can take bub for a stroll in the park without having to lather up with sunscreen or sweating up a storm. Pushing a pram when the air is cool somehow seems easier, and fresh air is exactly what Mum and bub need.

5) On trend baby clothes. Summer babies wear short-sleeve onesies and nappies. That’s about it. Winter babies get to dress to impress. Socks, hats, booties, sweatshirts, leggings; you name it, they can wear it.

You don’t always get to choose when to have a baby, but if you’re expecting soon, remember why it’s so cool to have a baby in the winter.