4 Ways To Keep Your Baby Warm This Winter

Fashion For Babies - 4 Ways To Keep Your Baby Warm This Winter

Now that autumn has passed, the days are getting shorter and cooler. Winter can be a tough season with its cold, grey days that just aren’t as bright as the carefree days of summer. Clothing and fashion for babies changes in the winter months. While it’s perfectly acceptable for them to crawl around in just a nappy to stay cool in the summer, bub is going to need a little bit more than that now to stay warm.

Important Things To Note About Fashion For Babies

Babies can’t tell you if they feel hot or cold. They rely on you to figure that out and adjust their world accordingly. Easier said than done? Not really.

• If baby is too hot, you might find the back of their neck is warm or sweaty. Cheeks may appear flushed, and a bumpy rash may appear on their tummy.

• If baby is too cold, their lips will appear darker. The nose, fingertips, or ears will appear pale in colour.

Babies can lose heat quickly from their hands, head, and feet. Keeping them covered can help them retain the heat they have. Good thing there are plenty of cute Beanies and booties to make the job easier. Put a hat on bub whenever you leave the house, and keep those booties near the door for easy access.

4 Ways to Help Your Baby Adjust To The Cold

1) Set the temperature. Your baby prefers temperatures indoors that range from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. Don’t blast baby with a heater, but don’t freeze them out, either. Keep the temps inside regulated and baby will be much happier.

2) Wrap them up. Swaddle your baby in warmth to keep them warm and content. Lightweight materials in the summer give way to warmer fabrics in the summer, but both will help them regulate their temperature no matter what season you’re in.

3) Use layers. Your mother probably told you to dress in layers when the weather cools down. Would you be surprised to know that she was right? Start with the short, simple onsesie and layer t-shirts, leggings, and more.

4) Cover up. Onesies and bodysuits are perfect for keeping out the cold. Look for soft, durable materials, and long sleeves. With so many designs to choose from, it proves that fashion for babies can be cool or hot. It just depends on the season.