The Top 5 Baby Welcome Home Gift Ideas

The Top 5 Baby Welcome Home Gift Ideas

Welcoming home a new little one is an exciting time! To treat mums and bubs, you’re likely looking for that perfect baby shower gift or baby gift online. If a little inspo is what you’re after, we just the top 5 baby welcome home gift ideas sure to delight mums and little ones alike. Our top 5 baby welcome home gift ideas are:

1. Something cute for those newborn photos – The baby years go by much too fast, which is why parents document everything they can in photos to ensure these fleeting moments last forever. Having the perfect outfit, the perfect accessories, and the perfect props make these pictures even more precious. A bowtie and suspenders for little boys, or a flashy sequin outfit for little girls, is sure to make those photos special.

2. Something to chew on – Babies explore the world through their fingers, their toes, and even their mouths. When those first teeth start to erupt, babies are driven even more to put things in their mouths to ease the soreness and itching of the teething process. A natural, safe, and satisfying teether/pacifier gives them the comfort they really need.

3. Something to play with – All fresh and new into the world, babies love to play and explore! Using all of their senses, they’re taking in everything around them with curiosity and enthusiasm. A soft and cosy rattle gives them something they can explore and enjoy.

4. Something for mum – The perfect baby shower gift may be focused more on mum than baby, and that’s okay! Something to help mum to soothe, relax, and revive herself can be just what she needs when she takes some much needed time for her. Self-care is important, and she might need that little reminder before she stops to relax even if only for a moment.

5. The perfect bib – A great bib helps to save those adorable outfits from getting too messy during feeds! Bib teethers are perfect for easing the discomfort caused by budding teeth, giving them a way to stay neat and tidy while giving them the mouth stimulation they crave during this time.

Get in on the excitement and the fun of a new little baby with a baby gift online that baby and mum will really love. These top picks are sure to provide you with just what you need for a baby shower, a just because, a welcome home, or any occasion!